Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This Week on Out of the Box: Wikileaks - Which side are you on? & Your New Vision for Kaua`i

In International news, WIKILEAKS http://www.wikileaks.fi has become a household word with their release of over 1/4 million secret government communiques.  What is interesting about this story as it continues to unfold is how different persons and organizations are reacting - and the reactions are now becoming the story itself.

The collective set of steps and statements taken and made about the wikileaks story are hugely informing.  As more people like virtual Senator Joseph Lieberman call for wikileaks to be censored, and AMAZON and PAYPAL cut business relations with wikileaks, we are all getting a chance to see just who believes the truth and freespeach are important, and who - when push comes to shove - are more than willing to throw these things under the bus, and help crush independent voices.

Where do YOU stand on whistle-blowing the nation-state?  Join us LIVE on the air for a conversation

TIME magazine interview w/ Jullian Assange, N30

timeline of events since first release of communique N28 

wikileaks under attack  -  reconfigures to thwart censors

shame on the attackers of wikileaks

why wikileaks will win

live updates on operation payback

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Back home on our garden isle, recently elected Mayor Carvalho has revealed his vision for change on Kaua`i he has pledged to work for.  Many of the pieces of his vision seem laudable, and worthwhile - and have been called for by many for years - like expanded bus service across the island into the evening, and on weekends, a centraly located full spectrum recycling campus for the island,  and parking in Hanalei for rental cars, with a shuttle bus out to Ke'e beach.  These and more sound great, but Mayor Bernard is just one person.

What are some of YOUR visons for an invigorated island community?  As always, please call into the station 826.7771 to join the conversation and bring your piece of the beautiful future into articulation for the whole island to hear and reflect on.  "Together We Can" generate a whole host of additional good ideas, that we can bundle up and send to Mayor Bernard after the show, and begin recruiting for a team of citizens willing to help make it happen.

Mayor Bernard's "New Vision for Kaua`i"

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  1. Bernard's vision for 2020 was limited, too narrow and too specific. He could get all of that done in the next two years, not that it all should be done, and then what for the other 8 years?

    Bernard's initial vision fails to notice that Kauai is a uniquely inviable place in the world, we can accomplish anything. Why should we put limitations on our self as an island. His vision was far too limiting. Literally, we can accomplish anything here.

    Come on, let's buck it up people, and do really great things here!